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A Good Joint Will Never Run

When a joint starts to run, the excuses start to sprint: I have heard way too many rollers try to blame the weed that they are rolling rather than take responsibility for the POS that they just sparked

If you roll a bad joint, you should stop and re-roll it; but if you decide to spark it, and it runs, then please, please, please take some responsibility, and don't go blaming everything around you

It is totally fine if a joint runs, and it can happen to the best of us, but please don't blame the flower -- the flower is innocent and you are lucky to have it in your life

Rolling is an extraordinarily delicate process, one that can be messed up completely with even the slightest of errors

But when joints run, they run for good reason, reason that can be discerned and improved upon by the roller next time. Joints run whenever the flow of air from the cherry to the base is uneven, and it will be uneven whenever the density of the roll varies between locations in the joint.

When a joint is rolled perfectly, and the distribution of cannabis is even across the entire volume of the joint, then air will flow at the same rate throughout the entire joint, meaning that no matter how hard you pull, the joint burns evenly; this is literally the roller's entire job, but understand that the ratios required for perfection will change with every roll (no two flowers are the same, even if they share a strain), so you might want to go easy on the roller if they are new to the craft -- it really is an artform

But if you want to tick off your friends the next time you're smoking, pull as hard as you can, and get that monstrosity running. If they start complaining and telling you that you're smoking it wrong, pull even harder, and tell them to go to our website to learn how to roll

There are millions of ways to mess up rolling a joint, but when a joint is rolled properly, it will NEVER run

So let's all stop blaming the weed

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