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Why Most Pre-Rolls are garbage

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Most pre-rolled joints are garbage (ie joints available for purchase) ; learning to roll is the best solution, but there are lots of people for whom this is not an option. I'm working on a rolling-service-platform, but I'm sadly too bogged down in regulatory nonsense (Canadian Legalization...) to be able to solve this issue for good -- for now at least

Until it is possible to hire a talented roller to roll your joints fresh (which is much cheaper than you think), here are some fun facts that should leave you a little concerned about those standard PRJs that are available for purchase:

1) They are almost definitely rolled by a vibration packing machine; even though vibration packing machines roll terrible, terrible, terrible joints

Why?! Because it takes a super-human to keep up with the required rolling output to keep pace with demand; sadly super-human rollers are few and far between, so most shops will invariably opt to vibration-pack their joints (because why go to the trouble of finding and paying talented people when a machine can make a shitty duplicate for a fraction of the cost?)

2) A pre-roll that has been advertised as 0.5g of flower will rarely, if ever, actually contain 0.5g of flower, and it will more than likely be between 0.33g and 0.45g depending on how cheap your source is

Why?! When rolling at large scale, it is not time efficient to weigh every joint being rolled, thus pre-rolls are usually calculated in batches; well, it is not very profitable to overfill a pre-roll that is advertised as a 0.5g, and the risk of going over weight when rolling 1000s of items is too high to swallow -- thus, the acceptable range of 0.33g and 0.45g because F*** the customer, right?

Don't believe me? Open up your next PR and weigh it for yourself ; if your joint has the same amount or more than advertised, then you've got an awesome source and should cherish them (if they are rolled well, and rolled by hand, then you have a unicorn)

2) Pre-Rolls are rolled with garbage flower -- all of them, no matter the strain, and even IF it's "quads"

Why?! Because rolling at scale requires batch-rolling techniques, large volumes of flower need to be ground at once, and this is doing three separate but equally horrible things: first, entire buds are getting thrown into machine blenders, meaning stems and all are being ground up with flower; second, trichomes are delicate, and the THC that gets knocked off of the bud when you grind large volumes is very significant, large amounts of this THC is getting lost to the grinder in kief; third, weed dries out quickly after it has been ground, and it will be dry as all hell when you finally get around to sparking it, meaning it will taste much harsher than if it had been freshly ground and rolled; fourth, they have often been packaged and stored for months before they get sparked, meaning a portion of THC has degraded to CBN based on the amount of time it has sat unsmoked. All of this leaves your PR flower stemmy, uneven, with less THC, and excessively dry (if your joints are being rolled fresh and delivered with moisture control, then you are extraordinarily lucky)

3) If we are being honest, it is probably just shake to begin with

Why?! Because PRs generate extremely good margins at a base price of $5 each ; meaning that if a shop decided to buy a big bag of shake for less than $1/g, then either serve that up rolled, or blend it in with other flower to increase volume, no one would ever know; and let's face it, it is a cutthroat industry, and heavy regulations are making it worse by the day, so the opportunity to pad PR margins is becoming too great to pass up. Furthermore, quantity discounts are never equivalent with flower cost, if present at all

I should stress that there ARE some gems out there, but, from what I've been able to see, they are the rare exception, not the norm

If you're stuck smoking garbage PRs, we have you covered; we can't roll for you until we can qualify for a license, but we sure as hell can teach you to roll in the meantime ; or simply try our selection of hand rolled, ready to fill, empty-joints -- just pack them gently and you've got yourself one of the best joints out there (until we can actually roll them as joints that is)

If you'd be interested in our rolling-as-a-service platform, please send us an email to or through our website -- particularly if you are unable to roll for medical reasons, we hope to be able to help you soon!

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