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Why You Want A Good Joint

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The most important criteria for a good joint is and will always be, the way that it smokes; and much like with cigars, there is a whole world of difference between a good joint and a bad joint, even if they sometimes look similar!

The way your joint smokes will have an enormous impact on the flavour, the high, the duration, and the efficiency of your smoking experience, and in this way, one should always strive to roll the best joint possible -- out of respect for the flower you're rolling

Think about it, the quality of your flower matters to you, doesn't it? Everyone wants the best flower and concentrates that they can access, and given the choice between a free bag of shake and a free bag of quads, everyone in their right mind would choose the free bag of quads, right?

This is the same principle behind rolling -- the reason you should care about the quality of your joints is for the same reasons you care about the quality of your cannabis (just like with cigars, growing good product is only half the equation)

In a good joint, your weed will taste better, smoke longer, and get you higher; in a bad joint, your weed will taste burnt, and half of it will either get stuck in the roach, or burn off while you're not puffing

A cherry that smokes evenly and properly will turn your joint into a micro-extractor, vaping the THC right off of the bud while combusting the terpenes and oils in the flower; rosin gets made when heat and pressure is applied to cannabis flower, and this is exactly what happens on the inside of a good joint: heat + pressure + flower

On the inside of a bad joint, ie one that runs, the cherry grows larger and hotter, and more uneven, increasing the temperature beyond the vaping threshold and literally scorching the rest of the joint as you smoke it; meanwhile, a pencil that is too packed to smoke will leave you feeling nothing but light-headed as you haul harder and harder on what amounts to be a waste of weed

Good joints don't run; good joints take their time, and when a joint is rolled properly, the cannabis in it is showcased at its fullest, most complex potential

I have heard too many people say that a bong is the best way to taste cannabis, but guess what: all that 'tar' that people talk about filtering out of the smoke is actually cannabinoids and terpenes (ie things you don't want filtered out), so how can this be true?

Learn to roll the right way, and you will see what we mean; or help us change the world so that we can just do it for you

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