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The ultimate criteria for a good joint is and will always be the way it smokes -- a joint should never run, or clog, and ideally it should burn slowly and smoothly from start to finish ; if you can get this far you are 70% the way home

If a joint smokes perfectly, it should next be judged on its aesthetics -- no folds, wrinkles, creases, dents, bulges, or weak spots ; this is where the exceptional separate themselves from the great -- there is almost always room for improvement, but practice can get you 90% there

The next 5% comes from the little things: the paper used, the filter applied, the method of ignition

But the last 5% is where the magic comes in to play; for now this is our secret, but when you've mastered everything else, you'll understand that there is only one way to roll a Perfect Joint



The Cannabis Cigar is the next evolution of the perfect joint

The larger a joint is, the more difficult it becomes to ensure that is smokes properly; often the cherry will get out of control, and the larger the cherry, the harsher the taste -- thus people have learned to fear the 'Big Joint Taste', even if they roll a smokeable item

Many a roller has given up, thinking that rolling a big joint is just a novelty and a waste of flower; a few have found a work around and skewer their larger pieces with a gauge in an effort to make them smokeable (akin to riding a bike with training-wheels)

Once you've seen a Cannabis Cigar (rolled exclusively by the CCF), you'll understand that this is the only way to experience flower to its fullest -


The flavour, the high, the sheer weight and feel -- there is nothing in this world like a Cannabis Cigar



While on the quest for the perfect joint, our Master Roller had another mantra -- "I'm going to roll the world"

He stubbornly insisted that it is possible to roll anything, no matter how complex, or how intricate the detail

Cannabis sculpting is limited only to the imagination of the artist; rolling something smokeable should always be the end goal

There is something zen about spending days, sometimes months, working on a piece, and then upon completion, reflecting warmly on your creation, lighting it on fire, and smoking it to ash -- it is like drawing in sand

While our Master Roller doesn't focus his efforts here -- believing the cigar to be the ultimate expression of rolling, he does tinker from time to time


We are going to be leaking a bunch of his latest creations over the next few months, so get ready to be amazed!


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